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Solar Eclipses

Total Solar Eclipse - 21 August 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse was observed from Warm Springs, Oregon, USA

Before Start of Eclipse-21 Aug 2017-w2.j
Warm Springs Observing Site-w.jpg
Partial Phase-21 Aug 2017-w2.jpg
Almost Totality-21 Aug 2017-w.jpg
First Diamond Ring-21 Aug 2017-w.jpg
First Diamond Ring-Baileys Beads-21 Aug
Prominences at Totality-21 Aug
Totality-21 Aug 2017-w.jpg
Second Diamond Ring-21 Aug 2017-w.jpg

Total Solar Eclipse - 20 March 2015

Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Eclipse was observed from Fjordnibba, outside of Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Setup at Fjordnibba-20 Mar 2015-w.jpg
Fjordnibba - 20 March 2015-w.jpg
Totality - 20 March 2015-widefield-w.jpg
Diamond Ring 20 March 2015-w.jpg
Prominences-20 Mar 2015-w2.jpg
Totality-20 Mar 2015-w2.jpg
Second Diamond Ring-20 Mar 2015-w2.jpg
Partial Solar Eeclipse 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse - 23 October 2014

Eclipse was observed from Sacramento Peak Observatory, New Mexico, USA

Maximum eclipse - Partial Solar Eclipse
Annular Solar Eclipse 2013

Annular Solar Eclipse - 10 May 2013

Eclipse was observed from Repeater Hill near Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia

Sunrise before the eclipse-10 May 2013-w
Partial phase with sunspot-10 May 2013-w
Eclipse Observers-10 May 2013-w.jpg
Almost Annular-1-10 May 2013-w.jpg
Annular -10 May 2013-w.jpg
After Annular-1-10 May 2013-w.jpg
Almost the End-2_Melissa Hulbert-w.jpg
Combined Sequence-Annular Eclipse 10 May
Annular Eclipse - background phase mix -

Total Solar Eclipse - 14 November 2012

Total Solar Eclipse 2012

Eclipse was observed from north of Rocky Gorge Creek, Queensland, Australia

Partial Phase 1-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Partial Phase 2-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Partial Phase 3-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Partial Phase 3-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Partial Phase 5-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Totality-2-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Diamond Ring - 14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Totality-1-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Totality-widefield-14 Nov 2012-w.jpg
Total Solar Eclipse 2010

Total Solar Eclipse - 11 July 2010

Eclipse was observed from Easter Island, Chile

Totality with Baileys Beads - 11 July 20
Totality 11 July 2010 Easter Island Chil
Corona-11 July 2010-w.jpg
Totality-11 July 2010-widefield-w.jpg
Total Solar Eclipse 2009
Diamond Ring-22 Jul 2009 China-w.jpg

Total Solar Eclipse - 22 July 2009

Total Solar Eclipse - 22 July 2009

Eclipse was observed from China

Eclipse was observed from China

Total Solar Eclipse 22 July 2009 China-w
Totality-22 Jul 2009-w.jpg
Crescent-22 Jul 2009-w.jpg
Rain on Eclipse Day-22 Jul 2009-w.jpg
Its Totality-22 Jul 2009-w.jpg
Group After Totality-22 Jul 2009-w.jpg
Total Solar Eclipse 2008

Total Solar Eclipse - 1 August 2008

Eclipse was observed from the shores of the Obs Sea, Novosibirsk, Russia

Total Solar Eclipse -  1 August 2008 Ob
Total Solar Eclipse 2006

Total Solar Eclipse - 29 March 2006

Eclipse was observed from Side, Turkey

Side Turkey Solar Eclipse-3-w.jpg
Side Turkey Solar Eclipse-2-w.jpg
Side Turkey Solar Eclipse-1-w.jpg
Partial Phases 29 Mar 2006-Side Turkey-1
Partial Phases 29 Mar 2006-Side Turkey-2
Partial Phases 29 Mar 2006-Side Turkey-3
Side Turkey Solar Eclipse 29 March 2006
Diamond Ring-Side Turkey 2006-w.jpg
Totality-29 Mar 2006-Side Turkey-w.jpg
Totality-29 Mar 2006-Side Turkey-2-w.jpg
Total Solar Eclipse 2019
La Serena-Chile-Eclipse-2-w.jpg

Total Solar Eclipse - 2 July 2019

Eclipse was observed from Vicuña, Chile

La Serena-Chile-Eclipse-5-w.jpg
La Serena-Chile-Eclipse-1-w.jpg
La Serena-Chile-Eclipse-6-w.jpg
La Serena-Chile-Eclipse-7-w.jpg
Vicuna-Chile-Eclipse-Partial Phase Seque
Vicuna-Chile-Eclipse-1st Diamond Ring-2-
Vicuna-Chile-Eclipse-2nd Diamond Ring-1-
Vicuna-Chile-Eclipse-2nd Diamond Ring-3-
Vicuna-Chile-Eclipse-2nd Diamond Ring-2-

Jupiter rising in the eastern twilight sky.

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