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Can You Help?

I'm sure many of us researching our family have inherited family pictures and find many of the pictures have no name on the back.

Below are our unknown photos - if you recognise (or suspect) who any of the people are please let me know! In return, I'm happy to share a high resolution copy for your family records.


All images used on this page are copyright to Melissa Hulbert or the Hulbert Collection. If you would like to use any of the images please contact me.

Mystery Train Photo-w.jpg
Image 1-p-w.jpg
Image 1-closeup of person-w.jpg

Image 2

Photo 9 Mystery family-w.jpg

Image 6

Photo 10-w.jpg

Image 10

Image 2-p-w.jpg

Image 13

Image 1

Photo 2-w.jpg

Image 3

Photos 8-w.jpg

Image 7

Photo 11-w.jpg

Image 11

Photo 6-w.jpg

Image 14

Photo 7-w.jpg

Image 4

Photos 9-w.jpg

Image 8

Photo 50-w.jpg

Image 5

Photo 18-w.jpg

Image 9

Photo 45-w.jpg

Image 12

T Boston-Windsor-w.jpg

Image 15

Image 3-w.jpg

Image 16

Photo 14-w.jpg

Image 17

Photo 48-w.jpg

Image 18

Photos 4-w.jpg

Image 19

Photos 5-T Boston-w.jpg

Image 20

Photo 12-w.jpg

Image 21

unknown 017-w.jpg

Image 22

Photo 20-w.jpg

Image 23

This image is a little different - we know who the person is (Pearl Foster) but not how (or if) she is connected to the family.

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