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About Me

I have BSc. (Hons) in Physics and until recently worked full time in the field of astronomy and education. I currently work as a public servant, specialising in probate genealogy.
In the past I contributed a column to Lab News Magazine and then later spent some time as Assistant Editor on both Lab News and Today's Life Sciences Magazines. I was part of the 'Science in the Pub' team that won an Australian Eureka Award for Science Promotion in 2000.

I have been an active member of Sutherland Astronomical Society for over 20 years with my main interest in astroimaging. This interest led me to initiate and coordinate the astroimaging group for ten years. I am also a member of the Astronomical Society of Australia and the Astronomical Society of NSW. My main interests have always been comets and eclipses, but if it's up there and not beyond the range of the equipment I’m using then I’m happy to snap its portrait.

I have presented numerous talks on astronomy and solar eclipses and illustrate these with my images.
In the past I learnt to read and translate Egyptian hieroglyphs and have been able to combine this with my interest in archeoastronomy.
My interest in genealogy started at an early age and has grown over the years. I am particularly interested in DNA and how it can aid family history research. I joined Botany Bay Family History Society (BBFHS) and the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) in 2000. In 2015, I joined the Board of Directors for SAG and am currently, the Society’s President, the first female to hold this position in the Society in it’s 91 years of operation. I serve on the Education and Finance, Risk, Governance & Compliance committees. I am also chair of the Genealogical Standards and Ethics Group and a member of Genetic Genealogy Advisory Group for the Society. I am a regular presenter on various genealogical topics as well as the coordinator for the Beginners’ DNA group.

I also teach astronomy and family history courses at St George and Sutherland Community College.
When time allows (not as often as I would like!), I like nothing better than spending time imaging the wonders of a clear, dark night sky with a few friends.

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