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  • Mel Hulbert

What’s in the Sky - March 2021

Moon Phase:

Last Quarter 6th

New Moon 13th

First Quarter 22nd

Full Moon 29th

Autumn Equinox: 20th


Evening Sky

Mars is in the northwestern sky after sunset in the constellation of Taurus. It starts the month near the open star cluster called the Pleiades (M45).

Morning Sky

Saturn is visible before dawn in the eastern morning sky in the constellation Capricornus. Saturn will remain in Capricornus until 2023.

Jupiter is also visible before dawn in the eastern morning sky in the constellation Capricornus.

Mercury joins to the two gas giants of our Solar System in the eastern morning sky before dawn and is also in the constellation Capricornus.

Worth a Look:

5th & 6th: Mercury and Jupiter are within half a degree of each other with Saturn directly above the pair. They will make a fine site in the eastern morning sky for early risers.

11th: The waning crescent Moon is joins Mercury and Jupiter in the early morning sky, forming a triangle. Jupiter is to the east (left) of the crescent Moon and Mercury is below forming the point of the triangle. With a clear view to the eastern horizon, this could make for a lovely widefield image.

19th: The waxing crescent Moon will be near the red planet Mars in the western sky after sunset. The Moon is less than five degrees away from Mars and will be to the west (left) of the planet.

You can download a star map for March here.

Clear Skies!


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