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  • Mel Hulbert

What's In the Sky - March 2020

What can I see in the sky?

March 2020

Moon Phase:

First Quarter 3rd

Full Moon 10th

Last Quarter 16th

New Moon 24th

Autumn Equinox 20th


Apart from Venus in our evening skies, all the planetary action this month is in the morning sky.

Venus is in the western sky after sunset.

Mercury is low in the eastern pre-dawn sky

Mars is high in the eastern pre-dawn sky.

Jupiter is in the eastern pre-dawn sky.

Saturn is in the eastern pre-dawn sky.

Worth a Look:

19th: A lovely pre-dawn meeting of the waning crescent Moon and Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. The crescent Moon will have Jupiter and Mars above and Saturn below. Definitely worth a look! It is also a great opportunity for widefield photographers.

22nd: The narrow waning crescent Moon is slightly above and to the south (right) of Mercury.

28th: In the western twilight sky, the waxing crescent Moon is above and to the west (left) of the brilliantly shining Venus.


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