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  • Mel Hulbert

Eclipse Chasers Book Launch

Friday night saw the culmination of many years work when the Eclipse Chasers book by Dr Toner Stevenson and Dr Nick Lomb was officially launched at Sydney University.

Professor Tara Murphy launches Eclipse Chasers

The well attended event was held at the Chau Chak Wing Museum in the Nelson Mears auditorium.

The book was launched by Professor Tara Murphy, Head of Physics. Professor Keith Dobney was MC and led a panel discussion of the book with contributing authors: Uncle Ghillar Michael Anderson; Toner Stevenson; Nick Lomb who was live via Zoom; Geoffrey Wyatt; Fred Watson; and myself. Unfortunately, Duane Hamacher and Kirsten Banks were unable to attend.

Eclipse Chasers is published by CSIRO Publishing and covers topics such as the science behind eclipses, including the 1922 eclipse in Australia and the scientific endeavour to prove the general theory of relativity published by Albert Einstein in 1916; solar eclipses in First Nations traditions; observing eclipses from land and air; eclipse chasing; and also how to plan your own eclipse adventure for upcoming eclipses in Australia.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Eclipse Chasers, you can do so here.

If you have never seen a total solar eclipse then I urge you to add in to your ‘bucket list’. It is one of the greatest immersive natural wonders you can experience!

Next month (20 April 2023) a total solar eclipse make landfall across a narrow (40km wide) track that passes over Exmouth, Western Australia. I am looking forward to standing in the Moon’s shadow for my 10th totality!

If you’d like to know more about solar eclipses and the upcoming Australian solar eclipse in April 2023 then visit my solar eclipse information page. To see images from my past nine total solar eclipse adventures then visit my solar eclipses images page.

Happy eclipse chasing!

Disclaimer: I am a contributing author and photographer to Eclipse Chasers and received two copies of the book for my contribution. I do not receive any monetary benefit from the book or book sales.


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